Lets AUTOMATE and MONETIZE your online business
Our Mission Statement
Here in Widubiz, we...
Provide specially designed and customized consulting and development services on automation and online marketing tailor made to suit unique business needs and wants.

We help aspiring online business owners who want to do online marketing the right way, but aren’t equipped to. We do this by making your customer journey transparent for you. 

All this will lead to 
 • Creation of new income streams
 • Increased sales and profits
 • Expected Results in a short time period

We work together to see your Online Business a Success.
Who we serve?
Online Businesses
Scale your Online Business to a whole new level with our Marketing and Sales Automation Strategies.
Life and Business Coaches
Take your Coaching business to the next level with our adaptive solutions and automation tools.
Independent and Freelance Consultants
Bring more Value to your Prospects and Customers using our Value addition tools.
Build a smarter way to earn by sharing knowledge and experience with our Membership Sites.
Speakers, Trainers, and Educators
Teach and Reach more people with the help of our Online Platform. Be a part of one of the fastest growing industries.
Engage new prospects who are searching for you on the web with our Social Media tools, irrespective of your industry, service, or product.
Who is Joe?
Joe Maldonado

I’m a passionate Entrepreneur who loves Marketing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship. I’m also a Marketing and Sales Automation Expert, a renowned Speaker, a certified Trainer, and a Coach. I love learning new things and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs, startups, and business people who are looking to succeed.

I have extensive experience in commercial lending, accounting and finance, although strategic planning, marketing, and sales is what I consider as my forte.

I’m the president of JMC Ventures International, LLC, based in Lake Mary, Florida, US. JMCVI is the holding company for:
--- Widubiz: Online marketing, Business Automation, Membership Sites and Online Course Development.
--- Mercadeo911.com: Membership site and online course on marketing and sales strategies for startups (in Spanish)
--- GuiaParaNegocios.com: Membership site and online course on business plan development (in Spanish)
--- Joe Maldonado: Speaker, trainer and coaching services.

To support me in this endeavor, I have also got myself certified, in the last 5 years, by:
​​​​​​​--- Success Resources as a trainer with the Train The Trainer Program
--- Experts Academy Certification for Online Business
--- Color Code Trainer
--- Certification Program as a Ontraport Partner. 

How did it all start?

In 2007, I quit my job as a banker to pursue my dream of starting my own business. I set up JMC and since then, I have been working as a Marketing Consultant doing consulting, workshops, seminars, 1 to 1 mentoring sessions alongside thousands of people from different industries.

In short, I love working with people who want to turn their business idea into a reality.

This is the reason I created Mercadeo 911 and GuiaParaNegocios.com. These are online and offline business platforms that help, teach, and provide tools to entrepreneurs, just like me, who also want to make their dreams come true by starting their own businesses.

If you are starting a business or want to improve the one you already own, maybe I can help. I am sure, I can provide you with at least some valuable information that will serve you to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Want to have more free time and meke more money?
Talk to Joe and discover your full potential
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